ABC Center
Objectives (based on the TEKS, Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills)
*TLW know the difference between letters and words
*TLW know the difference between capital and lowercase letters
*TLW identify and isolate the initial sound of a spoken word
*TLW name/identify each letter of the alphabet
*TLW learn and apply letter-sound correspondences
There are about a million activities to do in the ABC center.
Here are just a few:

Letter find- Students highlight the "focus letter" or sight word in print using
yellow crayon.  (We use a blown-up page out of the TV guide or classifieds...
lots of letters and sight words!)

Letter sort- Students sort plastic letters into "focus letter" and "not focus
letter," then they record their work on their own chart.

Letter/sound match-  Students match up objects and letters.  Pocket
charts are great for sorting pictures by initial sound, too.

Letter arcs- Students match plastic letters to their "shadows" in
alphabetical order.  The other side of the mat only shows the letters: A, M, N,
and Z.  The students must put the letters in order based on their knowledge.  

Capital/lowercase match- We found plastic alphabet placemats at
Walmart (of course!).  We used double-stick to attach them to old cookie
sheets.  The student then use magnetic letters to match capital and lowercase

Magic letters- Students pull sandpaper letters out of a bag.  They place the
letter under a piece of paper, rub crayons over it, and the letter "magically"
appears.  Then they can illustrate words that begin (or end, for those who are
ready) with that sound.

Alphabet Puzzles

*ABC memory games

*Alphabet Bingo- After playing this as a class, they become very proficient
at organizing games in small groups.

Alphabet Flash Cards- We have multiple sets in a box.  They love reading
these, putting them in alphabetical order, sorting into vowels/consonants,
playing "go fish," etc.

We have put many of our ideas for the ABC center into book form.   
You may download a sample pack from the book on our
Freebies page
or purchase the full version from our Bookstore.