Drama Center
Objectives (based on the TEKS, Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills)
*TLW present dramatic interpretations of experiences, stories, poems, or plays
*TLW identify jobs in the home
*TLW use problem solving and decision making skills, working independently and with others in a variety of settings
*TLW develop self awareness through dramatic play
*TLW assume roles through imitation and recreation
*TLW create playing space using simple materials
*TLW cooperate with other in dramatic play
Because our drama center is basically a unit-based "home
center," this center is only available periodically. Students
usually go "inside" the drama center to "pretend" being a.....
farmer, Pilgrim, Indian, Eskimo, bear, marine biologist, whatever
we're studying, etc.

Students "build" the drama center as a response to literature.
Then they may go to the center to act the way a bear would act in
his cave, or how a marine biologist might act in a submarine, or a
Pilgrim in a log cabin, etc.

Sometimes we have directed activities for the drama center,
sometimes the students create their own activities.  But
"pretending" is always at the heart of this center.  Of course, we
know that the best pretenders usually make the best authors!
This is the drama center we used during
Farm Unit.  Students could go in and
pretend to be farmers, busy doing "farm
chores," like milking cows, tending
animals, etc.
This is the drama center we used
during our
Pilgrim study.  Students
built it during centers and then got to
go inside to act as Pilgrims.
This is the drama center we used
during our study of
American Indians.  
Students worked in small groups to
sew the "animal skins" together, then
wrapped the covering around the
frame.  Once inside, they were directed
to record Indian signs in their own
book.  They also pretended to be on a
hunting trip, since most Indians only
used teepees as temporary shelters.