Home Center
Objectives (based on the TEKS, Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills)
*TLW present dramatic interpretations of experiences
*TLW identify jobs in the home
*TLW use problem solving and decision making skills, working independently and with others in a variety of settings
*TLW develop self awareness through dramatic play
*TLW assume roles through imitation and recreation
*TLW create playing space using simple materials
*TLW cooperate with other in dramatic play
"Do you have a house center?"
"Do you think children really need a house center to play in?"
"How does the home center fit into an 'academic' kindergarten?"

We get these questions all the time...... from other teachers,
parents, and administrators.   They're easy to answer when you
stop and think about what the students are practicing while in the
home center.

The home center is a great place to:
*solve problems
*build language/vocabulary
*develop social skills
*read a cookbook
*look up numbers in the phonebook
*take "phone messages"
*write grocery lists

Of course, pretending builds creativity and imagination, which
lead to great storytelling/writing and problem solving!  All of
which sound very "academic"...... Let's face it,
everything we do in
kindergarten is academic because it leads to learning!

Students are naturally drawn to this center in the beginning of
the year, mostly out of familiarity.  We find that as the year
progresses and as their learning needs change, students tend to
gravitate toward the other centers and the home center "fades"