Literacy Centers...
and how to manage them!
You'll find our management system for literacy centers as well as
activities for each center on this page.  We're still working on these.  If
you discover a broken link or other problem, please
e-mail us so we can
correct it.
and how to manage them!
Our Philosophy
The time spent in centers is a time for students to:  strengthen skills/concepts learned in
class; assess their own knowledge; share this knowledge with others by discussing it or
showing how to use it; assess their own strengths and weaknesses; use this assessment to
materials/supplies; develop good work habits; use time management skills; and learn how
to solve problems independently and cooperatively.

If this sounds like a lot of freedom, responsibility, and decision-making, it is!  But we do LOTS of
training and modeling at the beginning of the year.  By October, the students are working independently
in centers so that we may work with small groups (for guided reading, letter/word study, phonemic
awareness activities, shared writing, etc.)
Literacy Centers