Publishing Place
Objectives (based on the TEKS, Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills)
*TLW generate ideas before writing on self-selected topics
*TLW use available technology to compose text
*TLW understand simple story structure
*TLW record his/her own knowledge of a topic in various ways
Publishing Place is a literacy center focused on writing.  This
center has evolved from its limited beginnings into so much

At first it was a place where students edited their drafts into
"published" books.   We put this center out when we saw
children independently writing in sentences (usually after
November).  We stocked it full of fun materials (paper,
magazines, stickers, and stamps) and let the students create
their own books.  Many children did very well with the freedom
this allowed.  They could easily organize their thoughts into a
story or book.

Some children needed a bit more support, though.  So we gave
publishing place a new "twist" and began using it the first week
of school.  We made patterned booklets for them to read, write,
and illustrate. The text in these booklets consisted of:
fill-in-the-blank writing, patterned text, and repetition of high
frequency words.   Since the booklets were also created to go
with each of our units, the students were already fa
miliar with the

It only takes one sheet of copier paper to create a booklet.  The page is
run front and back, then folded in half to create "pages."   Students
may then fill-in-the-blanks, illustrate, and "bind" their books by
stapling the folded edge with a construction paper "spine."
When the students could depend on using what they already knew, they were more likely to show it in
their writing.  By giving students more text support, we found that they were not only becoming better
readers but also more confidant writers!  This confidence in their knowledge and skills reflected in their
writing, spelling, sentence structure, word choice, fluency, and reading!
We have put many of our ideas for Publishing Place
booklets into book form.  You may download a sample
pack from either book on our
Freebies page or
purchase the full version from our