Reading Center
Objectives (based on the TEKS, Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills)
*TLW recognize that print represents spoken language
*TLW know that print moves left-to-right, top-to-bottom
*TLW understand that written words are separated by spaces
*TLW recognize how readers use capitalization/punctuation to comprehend
*TLW learn and apply letter-sound correspondences to begin to read
*TLW use prior knowledge to anticipate meaning/make sense of texts
Everyone loves the reading center!   There are so many options, too!  
Here are a few ideas:

Read around the room- Students do just that... they grab a pointer,
put on reading glasses (party-glasses with colored lenses) and read all
the environmental print.
Some of our pointers are:
flyswatters with the middle cut out (leaving a "frame"),
rhythm sticks
large magnifying glasses
pencils with novelty erasers on the ends
gloves with wiggle eyes on the pointer fingers
dollar store magic wands

*Reading boxes- Sometimes they read books/cards out of their own
book boxes.

Big books- They LOVE to reread old shared reading books, as well as
big books we've published in response to reading.  They never seem to
tire of the old titles.... and are amazed by what they "discover" in past
shared reading. ("Did you know there's a question mark in this book?!"  
"Look, I found '-ing' on this page!")

Poetry journals- They may also choose to read their poetry journals.  
They often make new "discoveries" here, too!

Pocket charts- Students always seem to love pocket charts...
They may match:
colors to color words,
student photos to names,
number words to numerals/sets,  words to pictures,
individual words to lines of poetry, etc.

They may order:
number words,
words to make a sentence, etc.

They may also add words to a sentence frame:
I like ____.   
The ____ is _____.
I can ______.  

*Reading- Students just grab a book, find a place, and READ!