Rhyme Time
Objectives (based on the TEKS, Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills)
*TLW identify the musical elements of literary language, such as rhymes or alliteration
*TLW produce/identify rhyming words
We started the Rhyme Time center to extend the reach of focus
poetry.  Because of space (well, really lack of space!), we made
smaller copies of each poem on poster board.  They are small
enough to be stored in a crate, large enough to focus on each

While in the center, students read the poems to each other and
then discuss which words rhyme.  They go back to the print to
find these rhyming words and record them.

Some students are ready for more, able to notice that not all
rhymes have the same rimes (ending).  So these children will
sort their list of rhymes into those spelled the same (blue, glue)
and those spelled differently (shampoo, flu).

We also have lots of concrete puzzles and objects to match, as
More Rhyme Time ideas!