Science and
Objectives (based on the TEKS, Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills)
*TLW identify and use senses as tools of observation
*TLW record his/her own knowledge of a topic in various ways
*TLW record observations about parts of organisms
*TLW observe, describe, and record changes in size, mass, color, position, quantity, time, temperature, sound, and movement
The science center is the perfect place for students to use their senses as
tools for observation.  We encourage students to record their observations,
just like real scientists, in the science journal.

Some great activities for the science center are:

*Color investigation- Students look through old magazines to find things
that are a specific color.  Then they add the pictures to the color collage.

*Plant investigation- Students observe and record changes in the plants
(pumpkin seeds, beans, Indian corn, sweet potato, etc.) at the science center.

*Nature investigation- Students collect items from outside (during Fall is
best) to observe/record.

*Discovery Bottles- There are numerous discovery bottles to make.  Here
are a few suggestions:
*bottle with students' photographs and/or names.... they shake until they find their own.
*bottle with rice and "hidden trinkets"..... they shake until they find all the treasures.
*wave bottle.... bottle filled with blue-colored water and baby oil.
*color bottles.... bottles half-filled with colored-Karo syrup (use food coloring).

*Decomposition investigation- Students observe and record what happens
when things (usually old jack o'lanterns, potatoes, apples, etc.) decompose.

*Animal investigations- Students observe and record growth and changes in
the "live experiments" we'll do this year.  We watch as caterpillars morph
into Monarchs and
chicks hatch from eggs.
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