Journal Topics:
*Draw someone you love!
*What do you love to do?
*Create a "secret valentine" for someone in the class.
Focus Poetry
"Valentine Snowman"
Shared Reading
Do-Whacky-Do by
Kelvin Hawley
Center Ideas:
sewing center: sew heart shapes

use paper hearts (different colors and sizes) to create valentine "critters"...
fish, butterfly, frog, lion, etc.

fine motor: perforate hearts, use heart-punch to cut out mini hearts

writing: "I love ______ because _______."

science center: students sort and glue precut magazine pictures onto a recording
sheet labeled: "man-made or  natural"
I Love You, Good Night   by Jon Buller and Susan Schade
*Read this patterned text book several times... the kids LOVE it.  As a
response to the story, students will illustrate and complete the sentence
"I love you like _____ loves ______."
Students may then enclose their work in a decorated pink or red paper
valentine to take home!

Arthur's Valentine by Marc Brown
*Brainstorm words associated with Valentine's Day... heart, love, hug, kiss,
cupid, candy, valentine, friends, etc.
Students will then create their own heart mobile using precut hearts and
"preassembled"  (popsicle sticks hot-glued in an "X" shape) hangers.  They
will tie 4 ribbons or pieces of yarn onto their hangers.
Students will write the Valentine words on their precut hearts and attach to
the mobile.

Rotten Ralph's Rotten Romance by Jack Gantos
*Read the story and do a  "Likes & Dislikes" Book Talk with the class... with
Rotten Ralph, the "dislikes" are often in the "likes" column as well!  Students
will illustrate and complete the sentence:  
" I think Ralph was most rotten when he..."
"Hearts on the... "  (mini-booklets published by Jean Warren)
*Each child gets a copy of the booklet and we read as a class;  focusing on
directionality, tracking/voice-print match, and punctuation.
What else could hearts be on?  Students complete their own sentence strip
flip book.
Each student is given a page divided into 6 boxes
(1st box=Hearts, 2nd box=on, 3rd
box=the, 4th-6th boxes= ____.)
.  They cut apart the boxes and glue the words in
order from left to right, using the blank boxes to illustrate what else snow
could be on.  If the blank boxes are stapled together, the sentence strip
becomes a flip book.

Will You Be My Valentine? by Steven Kroll
*Students will listen and discuss the story.  Discuss the tradition of
exchanging valentines with those you care about.  Then each student will
draw the name of another student from a bag.  As a family project, students
will make a special valentine for their secret pals.  (They love coming in the
next morning to check under their chairs for their secret valentines!)

Froggy's First Kiss by Jonathan London
*Brainstorm ways to express friendship to others.  Students make valentine
vests and exchange valentines!
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and purchase info from
*Estimate red and pink crayons.
*Graph favorite kinds of Valentine candy.
*Students independently sort and graph Valentine heart candy (
AIMS activity).
*Mystery Pictures- students are given a numbered grid (1-36).  The teacher calls
off numerals for the students to color using a red crayon.... the result= a big, red
Science/Social Studies:
*As part of a school-wide community project, students create special
valentines for senior citizens in a local nursing home.
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