Word Center
Objectives (based on the TEKS, Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills)
*TLW know the difference between letters and words
*TLW identify and isolate the initial sound of a spoken word
*TLW learn and apply letter-sound correspondences
*TLW use phonological knowledge to map sounds to letters
*TLW identify and isolate the initial and final sound of a spoken word
*TLW understand that written words are composed of letters that represent sounds
*TLW understand that spoken words are represented in written language by specific sequences of letters
*TLW write his/her own name and other important words
*TLW know that print moves left-to-right
*TLW produce rhyming words and distinguish rhyming words from non-rhyming words
The Word Center is home to lots of literacy learning.
Here are just a few of the activities we have available:

*Word clothesline-  Students use a mini-clothesline to clip letters in order
to spell out word wall words, names, word bank words, etc.  Then they
record them to take home.

*Word family strips- Students use rime fold-overs to create new words
in the same "family."  Then they record all the words they made.

*"Write the word" cards-  Students use letter/phonic knowledge to write
the word on each laminated picture card.

*ABC beads-  Students spell out words by stringing alphabet beads in order on
pipe cleaners.  Then they can make them into "word bracelets" to share with
their parents.

*Make a Sentence-  Students arrange magnetic words/pictures in a logical
order to create sentences.  They are encouraged to record their sentences
to share with their families.

*Grab Bag-  Students grab plastic letters out of  a drawstring bag.
They may either write a word which begins with that letter or pull out
several letters to make one word.  They love to pull out 2 consonants
and a vowel to make real and nonsense words!  Of course, they record these
words, too.

We have put many of our ideas for the Word center into book form.   
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