We Do Workshops!
*Balanced Literacy Centers  (Worthwhile Independent Literacy Practice)
*Shared Reading (What It Is and the Best Techniques for Using It)

*Shared Writing, Guided Writing, and Independent Writing   (How to Use the Right Writing at the Right Time)

*Read Alouds and Responses (Building Vocabulary, Science, and Social Studies Concepts through Literature)

*Management and Accountability (Students' Responsibility for Independent Activities)

*Using Technology to Make Learning Fun Again (and Involve Parents in the Process!)

The K-Crew's most requested presentations include:

Kids In Charge!  Literacy Centers That Allow Learners to Lead the Way
Come experience multi-leveled, self-paced literacy centers that kindergarteners love!  This session briefly covers the balanced literacy
components of shared reading and writing, focusing more on classroom management, worthwhile center activities, and student accountability.
 Teachers will actually get to explore each center and its activities firsthand.  Be prepared to get excited about teaching!

The Right Writing at the 'Write' Time
Ever wonder why your students don't write?  That's because they aren't writing at the "write time."  Discover the rhyme and reason to teaching
writing with The K-Crew.  We'll share ideas for journaling, shared writing, guided writing, and independent writing in a typical kindergarten
or first grade classroom.   

"Smart Art- Using Art to Encourage Thinking"
Everybody knows that art should be an integral part of early childhood education.  However, a survey of teachers in most schools is sure to find
that the majority will say, "It's too messy," "We just don't have time," or "I'm not an artist."  Banish these excuses with "Smart Art"... ideas that
won't take away from instruction, aren't too messy, and don't require an art degree.  Of course, The K-Crew will also offer ideas that are messy,
will take some time, and might even require some flexible thinking. Discover ways to teach curriculum content using art as a tool.  Extend that
favorite shared reading book or read aloud.  Use art in your math curriculum.  Science becomes a masterpiece each time students use art to
explore a new concept.  Want to let your students? creative abilities shine through?  Then, this is the workshop for you!              

"The K-Crew Shares the Secrets to Shared Reading"
This summer, we'll share our treasure trove of shared reading secrets, including an extensive list of appropriate books, logical sequence of print
concepts, lesson "tricks and gimmicks" that students love, and ideas for open-ended student responses.  
Great teachers aren't really any smarter or better equipped than the rest of
us... they're just good at borrowing
other great teachers' ideas.  

That's exactly what we like to do at our workshops- discuss what's working
in our classrooms and find out what's working for our attendees.  We share
stories, problems, practical tips, and lots of laughs!

We've presented in conferences, schools, and co-ops.  Feel free to
us if you'd like more information.  You may also check out some of our
workshop slideshows and handouts on our
Freebies page.
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